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Web Development

Web Application development on the server side (back-end) consist of the following steps (technical side, after all the “soft” decisions have been made, such as purpose, goals, functional specification, etc.):

  • Database structure
  • Web Application architecture and framework (PHP 8, Laravel or CodeIgniter)
  • Code creation, MVC paradigm. API integration
  • Testing
  • Deployment (staging, production)


Let’s discuss what are the requirements of your application and how I can help.


Web Development

Front-end development is all about the visual side of web application and functionalities on the client side, anything what can be done in a browser. It also includes sending and receiving information from the server (AJAX or API calls).

It is closely related to the design of a web application, which is coded into HTML and CSS. JavaScript together with one of many frameworks (Vue.js, React, Backbone) are responsible for functionalities of web app.