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Hi, my name is Konrad

Cloud Solutions + Machine Learning + Web developer with focus on performance

Creating scalable and secure Cloud Solutions, with focus on Machine Learning on AWS in Amazon Sagemaker.

Building modern, interactive and scalable applications, from database design, through back-end programming, to front-end responsive solutions, using classic but well-tested MySQL/MariaDB, PHP 8, HTML5, CSS & JavaScript.



Data Analytics


Machine Learning


Back-end, front-end programming, optimization


Senior RAN Engineer, AT&T

Extensive UMTS/LTE/5G experience in performance, optimization and design as well as trends analysis with recent focus on anomaly detection using Machine Learning, based on over 20 years of work for mobile network operators (ERA, now T-Mobile) or as a consultant for LCC International in USA and finally as part of National Performance Triage team at global leader in telecommunication: AT&T.